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In this article I am going to Share the top silica gel uses and what they are about. Purchased a product Perhaps it was a dietary supplement and noticed a very small bag of silica gel and wondered exactly what it does. It is the same stuff that sand is Made of and its main job is to absorb and hold water. Since a lot of moisture can be bad for many goods such as leather, supplements you may see it prolongs the life span of them and that is good. These small packets can absorb 40 percent of its own weight in moisture. I have read that on average they last 8-12 months in a closed container. Then it is dependent upon how much you open it and how much moisture is in the atmosphere.

I would say every 6 weeks replace them. Another indicators is that a few of them change to a blueish color if they cannot absorb any whiter and moisture being its usual color. You can re-move theĀ moisture absorber by using a microwave. I have read that it takes 3-5 minutes on high setting in a microwave. Also examine the color and see whether it turns white. If you do not have a microwave you can use an oven, but I hear it takes a lot longer. Turn the temperature to 275 Degrees Fahrenheit and heat for 30 minutes to 1 hour to 90 minutes depending on how many you are drying out. You might be wondering what would Happen if you ate the package. Most likely you will be fine, however some use a toxic coating that could provide you stomach pains, nausea a fever and other undesirable side effects.

You are probably like me and seem at these small packets and toss them in the garbage. Before you do throw off those packets, they really have many applications that benefit stuff you have. I am speaking a crap load of applications and I will give you a couple of ideas. For example, I live in a really Humid environment that rips up guitar strings faster than I can tear up a Reese’s Pieces frosted cake. I love that cake! I could put a few packets in the Case and it retains mould away from the strings and prolongs it is lifestyle. Leather shoes and pockets, you can Stick a packet in which you store them. Yep, these small packets can help absorb the unwanted moisture. You can use silica gel to Preserve stuff you store like baseball cards, important documents and pictures. Next let’s go into the kitchen and find out how they may be used.