Can the Disabled Golden doodle Make a Perfect Companion for Hunting?

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Over the years, many people have contacted me asking if the Golden doodle would make a great hunting dog and my answer is no and yes. Yes, because both the Standard Poodle and the Golden Retriever breed was used for searching and retrieving since both strains are known to exist. No, if the owner leaves the Golden doodle’s coat and complete, providing this hybrid is a wavy coat or a shaggy coat.

Contrary to the Standard Poodle, a curly coat Golden doodle’s coat does not have tight curls. The curls are more relaxed letting briars, sticks and other particles to become entangled within the coat. This will also happen if the Golden doodle is a shaggy coat. Everyone feel that the ideal coat type for searching purposes is the smooth coat Golden doodle because the coat is extremely similar to the purebred Golden Retriever and click here to read more The smooth coat Golden doodle’s hairs are nearer to its body and are much easier to maintain. Either coat kind would make a terrific field companion whenever they have a solid history in their pedigree of utility dogs in addition to master hunters.

Hunting is a really exciting pastime for many people around the world. Taking a trained puppy to the area for searching purposes has gone on for centuries. Initially, hunting with one’s dog was for survival purposes only. Now it is merely a pleasurable game and an activity someone can enjoy with their dog.

The Golden doodle hybrid can make a wonderful companion in the field for Gaming functions providing its coat is kept trimmed short and providing it is not a smooth coat. Like the Standard Poodle and the purebred Golden Retriever, the Golden doodle hybrid has a keen sense of smell. They like the water and they like retrieving. Although there are lots of kinds of puppy who also enjoy hunting and retrieving, a lot of folks are unaware that the normal Poodle was also used for retrieving and searching centuries past.

The Golden doodle can easily be trained as a gun dog or a bird dog. They are exceptionally intelligent, easily trained and eager to please. They are also thought of as a soft mouthed puppy. It has been my Personal experience since 1999, which our very own Golden doodle puppies show a Pleasure for playing in the water at a really early age. This may not be the Case for other breeders, but it is true for our own doodle dogs. The lineage of my Standard Poodles comes from Bell Tor, Wycliffe, Dassin and Eaton lines. The instinct for searching and retrieving comes naturally l for our particular Golden doodle. Stronger bloodlines for searching allow this activity to come naturally.