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People who study Black Sect Feng Shui think every man Contains the chi of five elements: metal, wood, water, fire and earth. At various times, we might have less or more of one component than others. We should, at all times, strive to balance the elemental chi — not so that we contain equal parts of each within ourselves but so that we are balanced in a manner that reflects our personal personality. There are a number of ways we can apply this concept to both our Life and our environment. Let’s start by understanding the five elements and their principal characteristics. Bear in mind, these are simplifications, since the chi in human beings as well as geographic structures is a lot more complex, containing all five components in varying quantities.Feng Shui Consultation

Once we understand these components and how they interact, it may Help us take control in discussions, work toward win-win scenarios with others, and get what we deserve in life.  The element of metal, represented by the alloy mountain or Tree shape, is thick, cold and stagnant. An individual with a great deal of feng shui consultation will be talkative and enthusiastic, possibly to the point of becoming noisy and even self-righteous. Someone with balanced metal chi speaks against injustice when appropriate, but knows when to hold her tongue. Someone with too small metal chi is shy and withdrawn, sometimes missing opportunities since they are afraid to talk.

  • Water: Picture a rippling, rolling mountain or weeping tree and you Can envision the form of water chi. It is fluid and tender, connected with the noise of low groans. Water is associated with wisdom and really has two sets of features depending on if it is still or moving.
  • Still water: The term still waters run deep Signifies still water chi: clear and wise. You may describe someone with plenty of water chi like a lake, while someone with small quantities of water chi could be considered in relation to a creek, mud puddle, or even an old well.
  • Transferring water: Transferring water chi in people represents their societal Activities or career, in addition to cash flow. An individual with high moving water would be like a sea — full of life and always on-the-go. Someone whose transferring water chi is represented by a fountain might have a very regular life, doing the exact things and seeing the very same people all of the time.
  • Wood: A tall, columnar hill and oval tree represent the component Wood. The element of Wood is creative and expansive, moving upwards and consuming as it generates. People who have a high level of Wood chi are stubborn, opinionated and rigid. On the other hand, people with balanced Wood chi often listen attentively and assess opinions. They are prepared to change their mind if the evidence is persuasive. An individual with very little wood chi might not have many opinions blowing off like a straw in the wind where the planet takes them.